New TUNZE® Silence 1073.060 Recirculation Pump

28 Aug, 2015

The new Silence 1073.060 recirculation pump.

The new Silence 1073.060 recirculation pump.

press release via TUNZE

Silence 1073.060
The vigorous multi-purpose pump for fresh water and marine aquariums

The new and ergonomically designed TUNZE® Silence 1073.060 recirculation pump with a capacity of 5,000 l/h (1,321 US gal./h) is based on the latest technological standard of synchronous motors for aquarium pumps and offers extreme reliability with low maintenance and marginal power consumption at the same time. It unites all the benefits asked for modern and vigorous multi-purpose pumps intended for the use in fresh water and marine aquariums. High quality and as a result the continuous operation of the pump for many years with low maintenance is ensured by the process of manufacturing.

The Silence 1073.060 recirculation pump is constructed according to the strictest international safety standards and ensures a stable standing by four integrated suction cups.

Extremely silent operation, rotor with one-piece high performance magnet, full ceramic bearing, marginal power consumption, adjustable capacity, for the use in the water and in the air, 1’’ und ¾’’ GAS thread, compatible with PVC pipes, such as for calcium reactors or filters.

Pumping power: 2,500 to 5,000 l/h (660 to 1321 US gal./h)
Energy consumption: 38 to 85 W
Energy consumption without hose connections: 105W
Pumping head: 3.7m (146 in.), 1’’ – ¾’’ NPT hose supports
Voltage / frequency: 230 V / 50 Hz (115 V / 60 Hz)
Cable length: 2.2 m (78.7 in.)
Dimensions without outlet and suction cups: 174 x 113 x 87 mm
(6.8 x 4.4 x 3.4 in.)

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