Video: Glimpse the Atlantic Sea Nettle

05 Jun, 2015

Screencapture from the Atlantic Sea Nettle Video by Travis Brandwood of The Jellyfish Warehouse

Screencapture from the Atlantic Sea Nettle Video by Travis Brandwood of The Jellyfish Warehouse

The Atlantic Sea Nettle Jellyfish, Chrysaora quinquecirrha, is something that caught my attention quite by accident. I was trying to ID some jellyfish and stumbled across this video by Travis Brandwood of The Jellyfish Warehouse.

Some of the details published by Brandwood / The Jellyfish Warehouse suggest that this species may be the best species of Sea Nettle for the beginning jellyfish aquarist. The main reason is a smaller size (max. 5″ diameter), which makes them better suited to the typical sizes of home jellyfish aquaria. It is also noted that this species prefers reduced salinities; specific gravity ranges from 1.016 to 1.020, as the natural location for this species is in brackish rivers along the Atlantic coast. It is noted that they are “hardy and easy to keep,” but while they will feed on a brine shrimp and dry jellyfish diet, they do have a particular dietary obligation.

Now, this is something which I never thought I’d read, but it’s on the Jellyfish Warehouse website: “They must be fed other jellyfish once a week. Ask us about frozen jellyfish to feed your Sea Nettles!”

That’s right: frozen jellyfish to feed your larger, jellyfish-eating predatory jellyfish.

Let it be known that aquarists are some of the most inventive problem solvers I have come across.


Travis Brandwood on Youtube /

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