VIDEO: Maidenhead Aquatics: Hands Off My Hobby

12 Mar, 2015

Maidenhead Aquatics discusses OATA's Hands Off My Hobby campaign in a new video.

Maidenhead Aquatics discusses OATA’s Hands Off My Hobby campaign in a new video.

Aquarists around the world may not be aware of growing concern for the aquarium hobby and industry in the United Kingdom.

Fearing crippling new livestock regulations, the trade organization OATA (Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association) is calling on aquarists and industry members to act in their Hands Off My Hobby campaign.  The latest contribution of support comes from UK-based aquarium retailer Maidenhead Aquatics, who created this video.

It is in response to the emergence of a number of European groups opposed to the import, sale and keeping of “exotic pets”—including most tropical fish species, freshwater and marine, wild-caught and even captive-bred. Some observers warn that the movement to ban many types of pets may also be poised to spread beyond the Euro zone, and North American industry leaders should not consider the trade here off limits to attack.

Hands Off My Hobby: Fishkeeping Under Attack

Video Credit: Maidenhead Aquatics via Youtube

About Maidenhead Aquatics

“Maidenhead Aquatics was established in 1984 and is now the UK’s largest leading specialty aquatic retailer with stores throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.” Read more at:

About OATA

“OATA was established in 1991 to promote and protect the ornamental aquatic industry, encompassing coldwater, tropical freshwater and marine tropical fish and invertebrates together with aquatic plants for the aquarium or pond. The Association currently has over 700 UK members from the import, distributor, manufacturer and retail sectors.” Read more at:

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  1. June 17, 2016

    Every time one turns around a PETA or similar group wants to go BAMBI and make issues out of every thing their efforts would be better spent providing sustainable agriculture to 3rd world countries ,providing potable water ,electricity and sanitary waste disposal. more people get upset over a starving dog or cat than a starving or malnourished child. get things into proper perspective people!! Bill Boyd DVM

  2. June 17, 2016

    This is a huge concern but I note that this is the information from over a year ago. What is the current status in the UK? Looking at the OATA site does not provide any updates or comments that I could find regarding the status of affairs in 2016.

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