VIDEO: CORALIFE Showcases New LED Aqualight

04 Dec, 2014

CORALIFE's new LED Aqualight features removable, configurable LED tri-lamps for easy customization and maintenance.

CORALIFE’s new LED Aqualight features removable, configurable LED tri-lamps for easy customization and maintenance.

via Coralife

The Coralife LED Aqualight provides full-coverage high-intensity lighting, required for medium to high light-level corals and freshwater plants. The workhorse behind this fixture is the LED tri-lamp. Each lamp is packed with 3 1-watt LEDs and is developed with a ribbed aluminum shell to properly dissipate heat. This creates a long and useful life for your LEDs. Each tri-lamp can be removed, interchanged, and replaced, to adjust light intensity and color.

There are 5 tri-lamp colors available:

  • 10Ka performance white light to simulate the mid day tropical sun
  • Actinic Blueemulates light found at dawn, dusk and in deeper water
  • 60/40adds a subtle blue light to marine aquariums
  • Colormaxideal for planted aquariums and to enhance aquarium color
  • Tri-Chromatic – adds a soft mixture of color to the aquarium

Each fixture comes pre-loaded with a predetermined combination of 10K, 60/40, and Colormax tri-lamps. These will create a light output very similar to a typical 4-lamp T5 HO fixture. The black empty spaces are open sockets for you to add more tri-lamps to increase light intensity or color. When fully loaded, this fixture will efficiently provide the light require for medium to high light-level corals.

The fixture has adjustable legs to accommodate aquariums of varying lengths, and directional lunar LEDs to provide that soothing moon glow, ideal for nighttime viewing. The fixture is also set up to be able to control the front and back row of tri-lamps separately, operated by separate power cords and switches. Quiet cooling fans top off the fixture to ensure that the LEDs provide quality illumination for a long and useful life.

Editor’s note – be sure to watch the video above for instructions and demonstration of removing, replacing, and installing additional LED tri-lamps. Available in 24″, 30″, 36″ and 48″ lengths.

For more information or questions:


Or call the customer care group at 1-888-255-4527 from 8am to 4pm M-F (CST).

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