VIDEO: Roanoke River Aquarium & the Roanoke Logperch

20 Nov, 2014

The endangered Roanoke Logperch, Percina rex - image by Noel Burkhead, USGS

The endangered Roanoke Logperch, Percina rex – image by Noel Burkhead, USGS

In a video any NANFA member is sure to love, we get a personal look at the very charming Roanoke Logperch, Percina rex. This endangered North American native species resides in Virginia with a couple populations found in North Carolina. It’s uncommon over its range, but also uncommon in the rivers it calls home.

The interesting coloration and benthic lifestyle of the Roanoke Longperch is reminiscent of any number of darters and sculpins, not to mention popular marine fishes like the Scooter Blenny (Synchiropus ocellatus) or the Saddle Blenny (Malacoctenus triangulatus). Their feeding behavior, using their long snout to overturn pebbles in search of a meal, is but one of the endearing aspects of this fish, as shown by this Ocean in the Mountains video narrated by Fincasters’ John Carlin:

Center in the Square‘s Roanoke River Aquarium displays this federally-listed endangered species, and it might be one of the few ways you can see one in person!

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