Plush Toy Plecostomus – What’s a Grown Man To Do?

02 Oct, 2014

The original "Plush Pleco" from

The original “Plush Pleco” from

Opinion by Matt Pedersen

For all the times I’ve removed their self-promoting spammy posts from our Facebook walls (we keep them clean of all commercial posts, save what we opt to publish, it’s nothing personal), I must admit, there is something very cool about a toy / stuffed animal / plush Plecostomus, complete with suction cup for mounting on pretty much anything a typical suction cup will adhere to.

It turns out that the latest round of shameless self promotion by the folks behind stems from the introduction of an expanded line of almost true-to-life stuffed Plecostomus toys. What started out with just the one type, has seen the introduction of 5 new variations, including the Emperor, the Marble, the Royal, the Sunshine and the Zebra.


If I can levy just one criticism guys…come on…my Royal Plecos have RED eyes, not BLUE!!!!

If I thought I could buy them for my kids, I would, but I literally just had the “our kids have too many stuffed animals” conversation with my wife yesterday. If I buy them for myself…well…can a grown man with two kids buy his own stuffed animals? I might have to keep them under wraps, only to affix them to a crazy hat when I’m out on the club lecture circuit!

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  1. December 03, 2018

    Yes. Yes, you can buy them for yourself. I am lucky that my son will DEFINITELY put this up in my minivan. I’m just a lucky guy. Ahahahah

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