MASNA to Match PIJAC Donations

15 Sep, 2014

The PIJAC Aquarium Defense Fund Website

The PIJAC Aquarium Defense Fund Website

Faced the specter of 66 stony corals being banned for import, trade and ownership, the Marine Aquarium Societies of North America, representing thousands of saltwater hobbyists and aquarium clubs, is helping sponsor the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council’s Aquatic Defense Fund, which says:

Your right to own fish is at risk.

It’s time for aquatic pet enthusiasts and business owners to stand up for their rights. Join the campaign by donating to the Aquatic Defense Fund today. With your support, you help fund a grassroots movement focused directly on protecting what you hold dear–the right to responsibly enjoy your hobby. Learn more.

from MASNA’s website

“MASNA is very passionate about our hobby and when it goes under attack we all need to act!…MASNA is soliciting donations to support PIJAC’s efforts to help fight this current proposal.”

“MASNA will match 100% of all donations received using our PIJAC Donation link up to $5000.”



PIJAC Aquatic Defense Fund

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