New Pandora Hyperion R2+ Hybrid Aquarium Lighting from Pacific Sun

04 Aug, 2014

Pacific Sun's Pandora Hyperion R2+ LED and T5 hybrid aquarium light, viewed from below.

Pacific Sun’s Pandora Hyperion R2+ LED and T5 hybrid aquarium light, viewed from below.

via Pacific Sun

Pacific Sun’s new Pandora Hyperion R2+ is the successor to the Pandora Hyperion R2.  This new fixture is a combination LED + T5 hybrid lighting system, bringing the best of both light sources together. It is equipped with our newest Hyperion R2+ SMT LED panel . SMT (Square Matrix Technology) guarantees a perfect shimmering effect and unmatched color mixing (due 20x20mm LED matrix – 135W each).

The Pandora Hyperion R2+ is available in 4 sizes covering a wide range of tanks.  The lightning fixtures  have built-in micro-computer which can be programmed wirelessly.

Stainless steel construction
Fully wireless control
On-board LCD blue-back lit LCD display
Silent variable speed cooling fans (2 per LED panel)
Modular, full upgradable, solder-less internal construction (LED panels, drivers, computer and fans)
Full spectrum output (UV – Red)
8 independent channels of control
Non-optic construction for unparalleled spread and even distribution
Proprietary software for unlimited control
Pre-programmed PAR scenarios and customizable programming
Wireless software/firmware upgrades
Wire suspension kit and on tank Spider Mount rails for installation

Wire suspension hang kit, full adjustable (height, balance, tilt)
On-tank Spider Mount adjustable rail system

Gallery of Hyperion R2+ images


Wireless control via PC, Mac and Android
Bali Control software with pre-programmed Bali PAR program and limitless custom options
Atmospheric, weather, seasonal and moonphase simulation
Wet season, storms, cloud coverage
Multiple moonlight channel options
Wireless software/firmware upgrades

Software Screenshot Gallery



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  1. August 05, 2014


  2. August 06, 2014

    I hope this is available in the Philippines !

  3. August 09, 2014

    This light is worth every penny! Both SPS and LPS are growing. When you compare the price of the number of Radions you need to cover a 100 gallon tank, the Pandora is only marginally more money.

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