CORAL Featured Video: Feeding Polyps

19 Apr, 2014

Think corals are fussy eaters? Watch them attacking and ingesting dry pelleted food.


Than TheinThan Thein | Tidal Gardens | YouTube

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  1. April 25, 2014

    I definitely agree with the need to feed corals in an aquarium, particularly larger LPS species. I feed my tanks New Life Spectrum pellets and everything seems to love them. I know my large species like Acanthrophyllia, Wellsophyllia, and my Fungias, tend to really respond to the pellets. Even torches, mushrooms, anemones, and my frogspawn tend to respond well to the pellet food. More so in fact than they do to the frozen I give them. I’ve even begun feeding my fish a larger variety of pellet and flake food because they seem to really enjoy it.

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