AMAZONAS Video: EPIC Rainforest Scape

14 Mar, 2014

An amazing scape by Justin Grimm....

An amazing layout by Justin Grimm….

I was checking in on various Facebook aquarium groups and found that AMAZONAS contributor Steve Waldron had shared this video, titled “My EPIC Slice of the Jungle”. From afar, the beauty of the aquascaping was only surpassed by the clarity of the water…

Um…turns out this wasn’t a planted freshwater aquarium afterall…and now I know why the “water” was so incredibly clear.  Darnit I do NOT need another hobby!

 This IS Reef to “Rainforest” afterall…hope you enjoyed this diversion as much as we did!

Video Credit: Justin Grimm / Youtube

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Matt Pedersen
Matt Pedersen

Matt Pedersen is a Sr. Editor and Associate Publisher with Reef To Rainforest Media, LLC & CORAL Magazines, and is a Sr. Editor and Publishing Partner with Aquatic Media Press, LLC & AMAZONAS Magazine. Matt has kept aquariums for 38 years, has worked in most facets of the aquarium trade, is an active aquarist and fish breeder (both marine and freshwater), and was recognized with the 2009 MASNA Award as the MASNA Aquarist of the Year.

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