Goldfish on Wheels – What’s Your Best One-Liner?

10 Feb, 2014

This video just “blew up” on social media today…everyone is sharing it.  And what’s not to love ? A goldfish (or any fish) is now “free” from the confines of a “tank” and can roam about the terrestrial world, all thanks to some innovative computer, video, and mechanical interactions.

Some thoughts that come to mind….

“Because you always wanted your fish to be able to follow you around and beg for food like a dog…”

“Only approved for single story dwellings at this time…”

Since everyone else is taking this so seriously, let’s have some fun instead! Submit your best one-liner on our Facebook post or comment here; we’ll select our favorite respondent from all respondents between now and 2/15/2014. Our favorite will be contacted to receive a complimentary 1-year print+digital subscription to their choice of AMAZONAS Magazine or CORAL Magazine (so don’t use a fake email address if commenting here!)

For the full story, see, posted on 2/10/2014.

Thanks to ORA for bringing this one to our attention!

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