AMAZONAS Video: Black Cory Catfish

02 Feb, 2014

Interesting short video about a rarely seen Cory that appears to have been selectively bred into a jet-black color form.  Mike Tuccinardi of Segrest Farms says the original wild species is not known with any certainty, but is likely Corydoras schultzei, also known as the Peru Gold Stripe Cory. (See Planet Catfish species profile.)

Fincasters | John Carlin | YouTube

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  1. February 03, 2014

    The “Black” Corydoras is a colour form of the species know as C. schultzei, which is still considered by science to be a synonym of C. aeneus. However many hobbyists and Cory breeders like myself regard it as a true species. The “Black” form was produced by the late Hartmut Eberhardt a German aquarist in the 1990’s. These were the result of selective breeding from black fry produced from spawnings of C. schultzei and after the strain was fixed and breeding true, some groups were sold to commercial breeders in the Czech Republic, from which the initial influx into the hobby came. There are many Corydoradinae breeders both here in Europe, in my case the UK, and the USA producing these fish very successfully.

    Ian Fuller

  2. February 05, 2014

    The Wet Spot Tropical Fish in Portland, OR has these right now!

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