AquaXplorer Live 3.0 Released by Puratek

14 Jan, 2014

via AquaXplorer Newsletter:


Puratek is committed to introducing new and innovative products to the aquarium industry. With the latest release of our Aquarium Management software, AquaXplorer Live, you’ll see for yourself how our feature-rich platform will help you simplify and enhance your aquarium maintenance. 

New Aquarium Dashboard

Comprehensive and intuitive overview on a single page for simple monitoring and control


New Extended Feature Set

ExpensesCalendar – Synchronize Insight Controller events and alarms to calendar or link calendar events to your personal Google Calendar and set schedules.

Manual Chemistry Tracking – Configure any chemistry parameter you want to measure and trend. Set valid threshold limits and perform graphical trending to see history.

Scheduler – Set up schedules to perform maintenance on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly intervals.

Equipment Tracking – Keep an accurate list of all equipment in your system including manufacture, serial and model numbers, warranty period, attach receipts and user guides for safe keeping and more.

Expense Tracking – Customize exactly how you want to track your expenses by setting up categories to log where and when you purchased things. Show spending history using graphical charts and tables.

Notes – Ability to record notes for each aquarium.



Real-time Data Page

  • Can now activate graphical trends by clicking in the center of the graphical parameter dial.
  • Added configurable nominal level indicators on parameter graphical dials
  • Added total current and power consumption and stray voltage readings
  • Added individual current consumption for each outlet device
  • Added control panel for serial and 0-10V devices

System Setup – Added units and format preferences for measurements, temperatures, volume, currency and dates.

Parameter Trends – Can now see multiple trend graphs at the same time with ability to overlay parameters on top of each other.

Program Definitions – Improved wizard flow and added more definitions to support serial and 0-10V devices, storm simulations, and independent Auto Level Controllers.

To see what other products Puratek offers to help manage your aquarium system, visit our web site



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