Featured AMAZONAS Video: Discus Parental Care

20 Mar, 2013

Amazing Discus parental care captured on video in an aquarium shop Down Under.

Credit: Sydney Discus World, Sydney, Australia

Video shows a Blue Turquoise Breeding Pair of Discus in our Shop Tank, with Fry at 9 days and 14 days after hatching.

Watchng these fish breeding is an amazing sight and is worth your time, effort and expense. A breeding pair forms a strong bond and lays eggs on a vertical surface which they diligently clean beforehand. In this video, a Discus Terracotta Breeding Cone is used. Once the eggs are laid, the pair fans their eggs and they hatch a few days later.

The pair will protect and defend the huge clutch of fry, and will allow them to feed off their special body slime coats

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  1. Yang Bo Ming
    March 22, 2013

    I want to learn how to breed discuss.

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