Friday Photospread – Pseudomugil gertrudae – Don’t Give Up!

25 Jan, 2013

Let it be a lesson to you; just when you give up on a species, you might get lucky.  

Pseudomugil gertrudae - image by Matt Pedersen, 2013

I picked up these Gertrude’s or Spotted Blue-Eye Rainbowfish a several months back from The Wet Spot, ultimately winding up with 6 males and 3 females.  While they’d been dancing like crazy, I hadn’t found eggs.  I assumed that even if they were spawning, the Tiger Endlers that shared their 5.5 gallon aquairum were certainly consuming whatever spawn they discovered.  They were fun, but not a breeding project…it was time to move on.

Pseudomugil gertrudae - image by Matt Pedersen, 2013

Male Gertrudae Rainbowfish, displaying to a female (top) and male (lower right), with their cohorts, Tiger Endlers (female bottom right, male center background).

So, earlier this week, I took a few random photographs of the males displaying and had resigned these fish to be sold off…either at a forthcoming auction, or to one of the local fish stores who purchases the fish I rear.  Indeed, the shop wanted them, and I had them literally all bagged up when I noticed a single egg in the spawning mop!

Pseudomugil gertrudae - image by Matt Pedersen, 2013

As I’ve never worked with Rainbowfish, a quick shout out to fellow fish geeks Steve Waldron and Ted Judy gave me two experienced viewpoints on the rearing of this and similar species.

Steve commented – “They tend to predate their own embryos, so if you want to raise a large group, you should check the mops every day. They hatch after 2 weeks at 75F, I start mine out on APR (which is Artificial Plankton Rotifer, A.P.R.) in small 1-2 liter or so shallow containers, change 1/2 the water every day, feed 2X a day. With this treatment they will start feeding on [baby brine shrimp] in a week or two and then I would move them on to 5 or ten gallon tanks”.

Meanwhile, Ted suggested that “[Gertrudae] fry are actually quite large, and have no problems taking [baby brine shrimp] right from the get go. I also feed all rainbow fry Repashy Soilent Green and Spawn & Grow dry broadcast onto the surface as a powdered food…works great, and has a lot more nutrition to it than powdered apr.”

Pseudomugil gertrudae - image by Matt Pedersen, 2013

Of course, the marine breeder in me has an endless supply of real rotifers, as well as the APBreed TDO Size A, which is also a rotifer-surrogate.  Looks like I have my work cut out for me!

Pseudomugil gertrudae - image by Matt Pedersen, 2013

My apologies to the LFS, I won’t be dropping these guys off today!

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Matt Pedersen

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  1. February 17, 2013

    Matt–Those gerties are something else!
    They’ve been on my “wish list” since childhood!
    These are simply beautiful.

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