CORAL March/April Preview

23 Jan, 2013

CORAL celebrates the height of the winter aquarium-keeping season with cover-to-cover brilliant photography and inspiration for all reefkeepers.

• With a publication date of March 5th, this forthcoming issue of CORAL will feature cover articles by Daniel Knop and Claude Shuhmacher on the glorious zoanthids, with expert advice on their selection, care, husbandry, and safe handling.

Dr. Roy Caldwell documents his astonishing encounters with the Wonderpus Octopus, Wonderpus photogenicus, as well as a report on the first captive spawning in his San Francisco laboratory.

CORAL Magazine March/April 2013, Volume 10 Number 2. Coming March 5th, 2013. Click to enlarge.

Dr. Ronald Shimek and Erik Stenn offer illustrated guides to the natural history and importance of copepods for reefkeeping and marine breeding.

• In a perfect break from the mid-winter doldrums, Nate Wilson takes the reader on a an eye-opening dive expedition to Fiji’s thriving coral reefs.

• And much more: Ret Talbot on threats to aquarium livestock collection in the Hawaiian Islands, dealing with heavy metals in the marine aquarium, a portrait of a Giant Clam-dominated reef, and a profile of  the rare and coveted Japanese Swallowtail Angelfish.

Materials deadline: Friday, February 8th, 2013

On sale date: March 9th, 2013

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