Video of Week: Nuzzling a Moray Eel

15 Nov, 2012

Aquarium maintenance diver handles a large pet Green Moray Eel.

Don’t Try This at Home Dept.

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An aquarium cleaner at the Regent Casino in Winnipeg, Manitoba, handles a Beautiful Huge Green Moray Eel!

Credit: Seababy13 | YouTube

Editor: This is not a new video, but if morays hold any fascination for you, it’s not to be missed. For the record, the Green Moray Eel, Gymnothorax funebris, grows to a maximum of  8 feet (250 cm) and a weight of 64 pounds (29 kg). They can be aggressive and inflict severe bite wounds.

Captive eels can be unpredictable and should be treated with the utmost respect.

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