Video: Angelfish with fry in Amazon Biotope tank

09 Nov, 2012

Wild Angelfish pair with fry in an Amazon Biotope tank at Aquarium Design Group, Houston, Texas.

ADG Amazon Biotope: Angels with Fry

Our Amazon tank here in the ADG Gallery has had a couple of pairs of these wild caught angelfish spawn with fry reaching the free-swimming stage. While not an especially difficult fish to breed, it is always rewarding and very enjoyable to watch these cycles of nature play out right before your eyes.

Be sure to watch this one in HD to take in the detail of the fry and subdued lighting environment throughout.

Credit: Aquarium Design Group, Houston, Texas


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  1. November 09, 2012

    How big is the tank with the leopoldi angelfish, silver dollars, discus and sting ray and the geophagus spp? This is a spectacular tank!!

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