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05 Oct, 2012

Meant to provide a big tent for readers of CORAL Magazine, AMAZONAS Magazine, and MICROCOSM Books, this new Reef to Rainforest site reflects the scope and breadth of our subject matter in what we hope is an engaging and user friendly format.

The site represents months of planning and work by a team that includes Matt Pedersen (web designer), Linda Provost (art director), Anne Linton (digital editions),  Judith Billard (business manager), and James Lawrence (publisher).

We are well aware that much work remains to be done, but we are especially eager to get feedback from our readers and sponsors.

Please tell us what you think and what you suggest for improving the site.

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Reef to Rainforest Media, LLC is the publisher of award-winning magazines and books in the fields of aquarium keeping, aquatics, and marine science. It is the English-language publisher of CORAL Magazine and is based in Shelburne, Vermont, USA.


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