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17 Sep, 2012

Ecotech announces web-based controller for Radion LED lighting system

The EcoSMART Live Radion Lighting controller being monitored on an iPadEcoTech Marine, the industry leader in LED technology for aquarium illumination, is pleased to announce its latest innovation: the web-based EcoSMART Live controller platform for the award-winning Radion lighting system.

With the introduction of EcoSMART Live, lighting control has moved to the cloud. Thanks to the controller’s web interface (compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and more), Radion owners can enjoy EcoSMART’s cutting-edge controls and user-friendly design on any device with an internet connection.

Say goodbye to installing software and searching for updates. EcoSMART Live allows you to control your Radion right from your web browser. New features are implemented automatically, with no work for the user.

“The EcoSMART controller platform for the Radion has been a hit ever since its introduction,” EcoTech president Tim Marks said. “EcoSMART Live makes it even better. It’s never been easier for users to take full advantage of the Radion’s capabilities. I especially love using it on my iPad.”

Plenty to love

EcoSMART Live does more than take Radion’s controls to the cloud. The web-based controller platform introduces a number of innovative new features, including:

  • Built-in support throughout the setup process
  • Increased flexibility in the schedule wizard
  • Improved optimization of Radion groups

Software-based versions of the EcoSMART controller will continue to be supported, but will not receive feature upgrades.

Pricing and Availability

EcoSMART Live will be available for new and current EcoTech Marine customers starting in Q3 2012. Existing users of the Radion XR30w will be notified (via e-mail) when the new software update becomes available. There is no cost for this upgrade.

Source: Ecotech Marine

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