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AMAZONAS - Sumer Tiwari

Paracyprichromis nigripinnis: A Thing of Beauty

Sumer Tiwari shares his experience about creating a Lake Tanganyika biotope-like tank where he kept and bred Paracyprichromis nigripinnis.

27 Jul 12:56 PM 0

Dario hysginon: Breeding and Husbandry of the Red Melon Dario

Sumer Tiwari describes why he ranks Dario hysginon in the top 5 nano species for a high tech planted aquarium. He has many photos and videos to back up his claim.

26 Dec 7:09 AM 4

Another Day in the Aquarium Hobby: #FingersCrossed

Sumer Tiwari describes his anxious wait to get a fish package that did not have his apartment number on it. Did he receive it? Were the fish alive?

30 Jun 12:10 AM 0

Killing 3 Days: the American Killifish Association's 2016 Convention

My pair of Ophthalmolebias constanciae won second place in the New World Annual Killifish class, while another pair of Simpsonichthys santanae won first place in the same category. The same pair of Simpsonichthys santanae was also given the Best of Show award. I was very proud to have raised those fish from eggs.

30 May 8:07 PM 1

Collection Trip to India: Part 3 - Etroplus canarensis Heaven

When Rahul told us that there is a possibility that we would see a lot of Etroplus canarensis, I was pretty stoked.

15 Apr 12:48 PM 1