Flagship publications of Reef to Rainforest Media: the world's premier aquarium magazines in the English language.

Flagship publications of Reef to Rainforest Media: the world’s premier aquarium magazines in the English language.

REEF to RAINFOREST MEDIA is an independent, award-winning publishing house based in Shelburne, Vermont founded in 2009.

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• Independently owned by a small-town publisher whose history of producing award-winning special interest titles dates back to 1976, Reef to Rainforest publishes high-acclaimed magazines, digital content, and books for aquarists and underwater naturalists.

CORAL is the world’s leading marine aquarium magazine, read in English in more than 100 countries. Available in high-quality print and digital editions.

AMAZONAS is the world’s leading freshwater-only aquarium magazine.

Both titles are originally published in German by Matthias Schmidt and Natur und Tier -Verlag, Meunster, Germany, and are now available in English in high-quality print and digital editions produced by Reef to Rainforest Media.

The English-language editions are edited, designed, and printed in the United States. Reef to Rainforest Media, LLC is a Vermont company registered in 2009.

MICROCOSM, Ltd. is an affiliate company founded in 1996 to produce books, calendars, and other aquarium and ecology-related materials.

Reef to Rainforest Media, LLC
140 Webster Road, Suite 3
P.O. Box 490
Shelburne, Vermont  05482 


 Where We Are

Shelburne, Vermont, is the home of Reef to Rainforest Media. Click to enlarge. Map: Google Earth.

Shelburne, Vermont, on the shores of Lake Champlain, is the home of Reef to Rainforest Media. Canada to the North; Maine and the Atlantic Ocean to the East; Massachusetts to the South; Adirondack Park and New York State to the West. Click to enlarge. Map: Google Earth.



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    • Hollie says:

      My daughter came up with the name Fraggle Rock, it completely looks like it!
    • monique says:

      kaleidoscope chalice cause thats what you see when you look int a kaleidoscope
    • Christine says:

      Grand Prismatic Chalice
    • Jesse shaulis says:

      PHOENIX FIRE, because it rose from the red amber!!! THE ULTIMATE QUESTION.
    • Brad shook says:

      Broken Pane
    • Dwayne says:

      I use the aquarium hobby as an escape from the dreary world of work and news, and I do not appreciate this intrusion of politics into my hobby. And that is all that climate change is - a political fad. "Oh, the world will end, that is why you must give the government more power and money". Don't fall for it. And since the current president is cited, please note that the last president did essentially nothing except talk about the issue. Here is the real science: Back in the 1980's, atmospheric scientists had generally understood that increasing CO2 in the atmosphere, due to the use of hydrocarbon fuels, would contribute a small amount to greenhouse warming. This small warming effect would be easily overwhelmed by other factors, such as the ongoing climate cycle (which was and still is a mystery). However, some scientists came up with the hypothesis that increasing C02 would cause changes in atmospheric water vapor that would dramatically warm the earth. Water vapor is a much stronger greenhouse gas, and this seemed like a real cause for concern. Computer models showed the potential for rapid temperature increases. In the 1990's we started getting consistent global temperature measurements from new satellites, and as the data came in, it was apparent that none of the models showing rapid temperature increases were accurate. However, the politicians had latched onto the more hysterical predictions and the current fad was born. As is usual in politics, only one side of the story is used and, as the East Anglia email scandal showed, some scientists participated by ignoring and persecuting those who were skeptical. Now even government agencies appear to be faking ("adjusting") old temperature data so that a dramatic warming trend is created. The geologic and archeologic record demonstrates that the climate changes dramatically. And even the most ardent supporters of the catastrophic global warming hypothesis, such as Dr. Peter Ward of the University of Washington, acknowledges that many of the proposed solutions won't make a lot of difference. Shouldn't we spend our energy on much more viable environmental efforts, such as habitat preservation? Other aspects of the human footprint on Planet Earth may soon result in the extinctions of remarkable creatures. For myself I care more about elephants than the effect of rising sea levels on waterfront properties. People can always move and rebuild if necessary. To talk about "settled science" is to not understand science at all, and to call people who disagree with the current environmental fad "deniers" is an obnoxious and insulting reference to the Holocaust. But to run respectable scientists out of the field (Dr. Judith Curry, Georgia Tech), and to fire guns at the office of a sceptic (Dr. John Christy of the University of Alabama) during a "March for Science" is something else. I have known survivors of Nazi Germany and of the Cultural Revolution in Communist China, and the current environment is starting to seem eerily similar to their descriptions. I hope that Reef to Rainforest does not want to be associated with such fascist tactics. Because of the viciousness I have seen coming from climate change advocates, I must be as anonymous as the poster of this item. I would take encouragement, though, if you removed this item, and left the politics to the newspapers.