Flagship publications of Reef to Rainforest Media: the world's premier aquarium magazines in the English language.

Flagship publications of Reef to Rainforest Media: the world’s premier aquarium magazines in the English language.

REEF to RAINFOREST MEDIA is an independent, award-winning publishing house based in Shelburne, Vermont founded in 2009.

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• Independently owned by a small-town publisher whose history of producing award-winning special interest titles dates back to 1976, Reef to Rainforest publishes high-acclaimed magazines, digital content, and books for aquarists and underwater naturalists.

CORAL is the world’s leading marine aquarium magazine, read in English in more than 100 countries. Available in high-quality print and digital editions.

AMAZONAS is the world’s leading freshwater-only aquarium magazine.

Both titles are originally published in German by Matthias Schmidt and Natur und Tier -Verlag, Meunster, Germany, and are now available in English in high-quality print and digital editions produced by Reef to Rainforest Media.

The English-language editions are edited, designed, and printed in the United States. Reef to Rainforest Media, LLC is a Vermont company registered in 2009.

MICROCOSM, Ltd. is an affiliate company founded in 1996 to produce books, calendars, and other aquarium and ecology-related materials.

Reef to Rainforest Media, LLC
140 Webster Road, Suite 3
P.O. Box 490
Shelburne, Vermont  05482 


 Where We Are

Shelburne, Vermont, is the home of Reef to Rainforest Media. Click to enlarge. Map: Google Earth.

Shelburne, Vermont, on the shores of Lake Champlain, is the home of Reef to Rainforest Media. Canada to the North; Maine and the Atlantic Ocean to the East; Massachusetts to the South; Adirondack Park and New York State to the West. Click to enlarge. Map: Google Earth.



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    • John says:

      What are those cool looking black and white fish with the Riccia?!
    • Jerry Caraviotis says:

      And I think it would look great with Altums!
    • Jerry Caraviotis says:

      Matt, Apologize it was a bit off topic. But what a plant! I know, I know, it's a bit large for the average tank, but still! Quite a few years ago there was a great article about it, I believe in Aquatic Gardeners magazine. I hope it will be available over here sometimes soon. Jerry
    • Aquatropic

      Aquatropic says:

      Hello Lynn, Thank you so much for your interest in the article and the tanks. Please the answers to your questions below and let me know if you have anymore questions. 1) We do not have one set size tank that we use, but typically they are 10 gallons and larger. 2) The brackets needed is all dependent on the type/brand of lighting you use. There are some universal brackets, but it is best to check with the manufacturer specs first. Aquaray by Tropical Marine Centre has some great brackets that are very easy to use. 3) Aquatropic recommends using Tropical Marine Centre's Grobeam lighting. For our display tanks we use the "Grobeam 500 Natural Daylight." GroBeam uses 6500K natural daylight CREE® XP-E Compact PowerLEDs* emitting over 800 lumens, making it especially suitable for planted aquariums and for enhancing the colors of your tropical fish. 4) CO2 is used because it is the main nutrient for plants, however, the amount of CO2 needed is dependent on the plant species. Tropica has great CO2 systems. We recommend Tropica's System 60 for all starter aquariums up to 60L. For nano-aquariums, regardless the level of ambition, we recommend System Nano. I hope this information is useful
    • Leah says:

      Ellobiopsis sp. Any updates? I have this very prevalent through one of my shrimp tanks I would love to find a solution.
    • Matt Pedersen

      Matt Pedersen says:

      Jerry, what an interesting response, and you're right, at first glance, I wasn't able to easily track this down online! Hmm!