EXCLUSIVE: GloFish® Introduces “High Contrast” Electric Green Barb

25 Feb, 2015

The new Striped Electric Green Barb adds an unusual twist of contrast to existing GloFish®  offerings.

The new Striped Electric Green Barb adds an unusual twist of contrast to existing GloFish® offerings.

You saw it here first on Reef2Rainforest.com: an exclusive sneak peek at the latest introduction in the world of transgenic GloFish®. Officially being announced tomorrow (February 26th, 2015), the latest permutation of GloFish is the fully striped, non-albino form of the Tiger Barb (Puntigrus tetrazona).  GloFish representatives state that the existing albino version, known as the GloFish Electric Green Barb, will be phased out of product by March 10th, and the planned introduction date for their new, striped counterparts, is March 29th.

Unlike all other GloFish variants to date, which have been built upon ornamental fish varieties with reduced melanin (presumably to allow for the maximum and unhindered expression of fluorescence), these new Striped Electric Green Barbs appear to be fully capable of producing melanin. This yields a “high-contrast” look not seen in the rest of the GloFish offerings to date.

The GloFish Lineup as it looks for spring 2015.

The GloFish Lineup as it looks for spring 2015.

“We’re very excited about the first ‘high-contrast’ GloFish. We think this will be a great addition to the GloFish family!” wrote Alan Blake, CEO of  Yorktown Technologies, L.P., the company behind GloFish. Blake went on to note that supply of the new Striped Electric Green Barb will be limited at first, requiring several months to ramp up production. Like all other GloFish, this line will be exclusively produced and distributed by Segrest Farms and 5-D Tropical.


For more information on Glofish, visit www.glofish.com

Retailers, for wholesale inquiries, contact Segrest Farms or 5-D Tropical

Image Credits: Glofish.com

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  1. June 26, 2015

    Thes are the best fish ever

  2. December 10, 2015

    Can you tell me if the new “barbs” will attack my older glow fish? What type of behavior should I expect?

  3. June 26, 2017

    They definitely with attach your other fish. Sorry to say UT will even kill a few of them also. I didn’t realize this until it was to late for a few ofy fish. Every Fish in my tank is a docile fish and I even got him a couple of other fish to go with him and he still killed them. Also I’ve noticed on all the fish that I have left in my tank their tail fins and their toxins have been chewed down I don’t recommend these fish I don’t care what your pet store says or what they say over there. So they won’t bother any other fish as long as you get the same kind of fish with them that’s not true so be very careful

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