VIDEO: Tyler Koch’s Planted Aquarium with Time-Lapse Night Sky Effect!

12 Dec, 2014

Screencapture from Tyler Koch's video, Nature Aquarium "Simplicity"

Screencapture from Tyler Koch’s video, Nature Aquarium “Simplicity”

Ok, I’m taking tremendous poetic license when describing this video gem of a planted tank by Tyler Koch. But suspend your belief in the obvious for a moment, and just think about the black, starry night sky whizzing past in a time-lapse fashion.

Yes…it reminds me of starships traveling at “warp speed” in Star Trek!

Visit Koch’s Youtube Channel, TWK Aquascaping, for more impressive planted aquascape aquarium footage.

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Matt Pedersen
Matt Pedersen

Matt Pedersen is a Sr. Editor and Associate Publisher with Reef To Rainforest Media, LLC, including AMAZONAS & CORAL Magazines. Matt has kept aquariums for 34 years, has worked in most facets of the aquarium trade, is an active aquarist and fish breeder (both marine and freshwater), and was recognized as the 2009 MASNA Aquarist of the Year.

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